Video Review: Hoka One One Clifton Edge Running Shoe

When it comes to interesting running shoe designs Hoka’s Clifton Edge is one of the most head-turning of the year so far. A heavily cushioned piece of kit that features a noticeably extended heel, the Clifton Edge is a shoe that claims to offer a smooth transition throughout each stride.

Hoka previously released the TenNine trail running shoe earlier in the year. The heel on that is significantly larger but it’s clear that the Edge takes a modicum of learnings from it.

The TenNine was a shoe built to offer comfort, support and cushioning when heading down a steep incline, and although the Edge has obvious benefits for a heel striker, it’s meant to be worn by any type of road runner.

I’ve covered about 80km in the Clifton Edge so far and I’m struggling to pinpoint who it’s aimed at. At 253 grams it’s a surprisingly light shoe for its size. That large surface areas does, however, make them feel bulky when running.

They’re best suited to long slow miles, as you’d expect, but at £140 there are better options out there.

Here, I run through my thoughts on the Hoka Clifton Edge, along with Kieran and Nick. As always, shoot use a message in the comments with thought or questions.

Price: £140

Weight: 253g

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