London 2 Cambridge Challenge

“Done much walking?” asked a friend of mine, as we sat watching a documentary about jellyfish. “I beg your pardon?” I replied, struggling to see the relevance. “Walking,” he continued, “ever done much?” I thought for a few moments. It was something I’d never been asked before. Was it a trick question? “Yeah, I walk loads,” IContinue reading “London 2 Cambridge Challenge”

Working as a Personal Trainer

As an avid fan of The Allrounder, you’ll probably have already read our previous post on training to become a personal trainer. If you haven’t, go and read it now. It’s right here. Ruddy interesting in fact. Alas, the journey to being a fitness professional doesn’t end when you qualify. In fact, like so manyContinue reading “Working as a Personal Trainer”

Nicky Spinks – Run Forever

You know, we see some pretty impressive achievements at The Allrounder. All sorts of amazing races and events where people do things that would look, to most of us, to be pretty damn near impossible. And when you get to meet those people and speak to them, you realise they’re often just nice, down to earthContinue reading “Nicky Spinks – Run Forever”