Interview – Neil Gresham

For over two decades Neil has been one of the leading all rounders of the climbing scene. He’s climbed some of the toughest routes in Britain as well as first ascents on various climbs around the world. Not only that, but he’s also pioneer in coaching for climbing and a ruddy lovely bloke. We trackedContinue reading “Interview – Neil Gresham”

The Duke of Edinburgh Adventure 2017

It was only a few weeks ago, at an impromptu Tuesday drinking session now set in the Outlook calendar as a recurring meeting called “Boozeday Tuesday”, that someone brought up the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The general consensus from three men who did their bronze twenty years before (the fourth had a silver, which meant heContinue reading “The Duke of Edinburgh Adventure 2017”

Ash Dykes: Walking Across Madagascar

We meet a lot of interesting people at The Allrounder. Amazing people that do incredible things, the likes of which we can only imagine. When they tell us their stories we’re often lost for words at the sheer dedication required to complete the various challenges. The kind of hardships that make you look at themContinue reading “Ash Dykes: Walking Across Madagascar”