The 16 Best CrossFit Workouts to Test Your Strength and Fitness

If you’re looking for some ideas on training sessions to push yourself to the limit then you’ll be needing the best CrossFit workouts. Whether you’re a fully-fledged CrossFitter or someone who’s looking for a few new workouts to try out at the gym, the world of CrossFit workouts is a great place to start gettingContinue reading “The 16 Best CrossFit Workouts to Test Your Strength and Fitness”

The Ultimate Home Workout Push Up Guide

If there’s one exercise we love at The Allrounder, it’s push-ups. Seriously, they’re like the perfect exercise. Not only do they work muscles all over the body, you can do them pretty much anywhere, you can easily modify them based on your skill level, and they fit really nicely into metabolic workouts. They’re basically awesomeContinue reading “The Ultimate Home Workout Push Up Guide”

The Best Fitness Classes in London

Deciding on which gyms and fitness classes to go to in London is a pretty weighty task, especially if you’ve never actually been to any before. We’ve tried out a fair few over the years, with mixed results. That’s why we’ve picked our favourite of the bunch. Think of it as our treat to you.Continue reading “The Best Fitness Classes in London”

Victus Soul – HIIT and Run

Victus Soul. Sounds like some sort of weird Marvel villain. Probably one that wears a suit and has some sweet mind control powers. Definitely the kind of villain you’d actually want to be anyway. Unfortunately that character doesn’t exist (damn it, can’t stop thinking about him now), but regardless, it’s very cool name for aContinue reading “Victus Soul – HIIT and Run”