The Best 1980s Celebrity Workouts

Celebrity workouts aren’t what they used to be. Now it’s all soap stars and ex-pop singers doing some sort of watered-down choreographed dance sequence that burns about nineteen calories an hour. It’s not like the old days. A time where workout videos were the foundation of fitness. An age where the creme de la cremeContinue reading “The Best 1980s Celebrity Workouts”

Dolph Lundgren – Maximum Potential

When you think of 80s workout videos you probably conjure an image of men in spandex bouncing up and down looking unnecessarily happy. You probably remember them being something your mum did in front of the TV in-between breakfast television and Give Us A Clue. You probably remember them being pretty crap. And yeah, mainlyContinue reading “Dolph Lundgren – Maximum Potential”