Race Guide: The Brighton Half Marathon

This year marked the 30th anniversary of the Brighton Half marathon, and by jove was it a memorable one. Not least because of the 45mph winds buffeting runners along the course. It’s not often I travel out to a non-London based race that I’ve already done, but I enjoyed the Brighton Half in 2019 soContinue reading “Race Guide: The Brighton Half Marathon”

The RunThrough Races London Runners Guide

Heard of the RunThrough races? If there’s anything I know a fair bit about as a runner, it’s the London race scene. And although there may be hundreds of races across the capital put on by dozens of different race organisers, none dominate quite like the RunThrough races behemoth. As a London resident, I’ve beenContinue reading “The RunThrough Races London Runners Guide”

Olympic Park Half Marathon

There are few things in life we love more than the prospect of a new race. New routes, new medals, new t-shirts. What could be better? Well, we bring exciting news of an inaugural event over in East London. A half marathon  that takes place entirely in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (the first oneContinue reading “Olympic Park Half Marathon”

The Simplyhealth Great North Run

As I write this, I’m sat on the train back to London after spending the last two days in Newcastle for the Simplyhealth Great North Run weekend. To be honest I’m actually a bit blown away by how big the event is. Up until about 38 hours ago I was under the impression, like someContinue reading “The Simplyhealth Great North Run”

Tips for Running a Half Marathon

Next month I’m heading up to Newcastle to take part in the Simplyhealth Great North Run. I’m pretty excited about it in fact, firstly because half marathons are probably my favourite distance events and secondly, because anyone I’ve ever spoken to about the race have said it’s one of the best running events in theContinue reading “Tips for Running a Half Marathon”